Easy Breezy Ways to Save Money This Summer

by DCU |

Just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean your electricity or other bills have to as well. Use these tips to enjoy the season while saving money in the process.

Give your dryer a break.

Summer is the perfect time to let the sun do some chores for you. Put up a clothesline in the yard and hang your laundry to dry to save money on electricity costs.

Optimize the air conditioner.

Make sure you get the most out of your air conditioner by keeping the filter and vents clean, and plug window leaks that would allow the hot air to enter or cold air to exit.

Keep the curtains closed.

Curtains can work as an insulator to keep the cooler air in, and the heat of the sun out. Keep them closed during the hours the sun is strongest.

Shut doors and close vents to unused rooms.

If you have an office or spare bedroom that isn’t used often, keep the door shut to let the air conditioner more efficiently cool the rooms you use.

Make it a BBQ night.

When you cook your dinner on the grill, you save money on electricity or gas by giving your oven and stove a night off. Consider using (and recycling) paper products as well, and you gain more time with the family and less time – and water – running the dishwasher.

Shop at a farmers’ market.

Enjoy fresh produce while helping your local farmers and saving money off supermarket prices.

Check out low-cost entertainment.

Gather with friends and neighbors at one of the many free or low-cost outdoor concerts that towns may host during the summer months.

Take a break from the indoor gym.

Staying physically fit is important for your health. Consider pausing your membership fees during the warmer months to enjoy exercise outside. You can jog, hike, or even meet new people by joining a team sport like a softball league.

Consider offseason vacations.

To save money on your summer getaway, consider going somewhere like a ski lodge for vacation. Because it isn’t a traditional summer destination, these locations tend to be cheaper in the summer months while providing options like hiking or zip lining to keep you entertained.

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