Hosting Holidays on a Budget

by DCU |

Fall may have just begun, but the holidays will be here before we know it. Being the host or hostess can be a stressful (and expensive) job, but with these tips you’ll be completely prepared AND saving money!

  1. Start shopping ahead of time – this obviously doesn’t work on fresh produce, but it definitely does on the canned goods! Pumpkin puree, green bean casserole ingredients, canned corn, etc. all work great for this tip!
  2. Check out the promotions – October and November are great times to check out all of the promotions and specials that supermarkets run. Signing up for a store flyer aggregate app, like Flipp, allows you to compare prices and discounts from area supermarkets from your phone.
  3. Do a pantry inventory – there are many shelf-stable ingredients that you may already have in your pantry but have totally forgotten about. Instead of letting those things go to waste, take a look at what you have first, so you aren’t making redundant purchases.
  4. Some pre-made products can save you money AND time- buying some things from the store that are already pre-made can sometimes be a lifesaver. For example, fresh, homemade dinner rolls are delicious, but can take all day to make. Pre-made dinner rolls are pretty cheap, and they’re already ready to go, so this could be a better option.
  5. Skip the specialty ingredients – having a classic Thanksgiving can be pretty cheap; they start getting more expensive when you make the more fancy things like cream sauces, nuts, cheese, sausage, etc. Stick to the staples and it will be perfect.
  6. Have your guests bring something – even if it’s just a side dish or a bottle of wine, having guest contribute can really cut back on costs for you.
  7. Turn the whole thing into a potluck – the best way to host the holidays on a budget is to get all of your guests involved! Sharing the cooking allows everyone to sit back and enjoy the day, and it makes it way more affordable for everyone. It can also allow for more of a variety of food! 

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