Make Some Extra Money!

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A new phone, a car, video games, clothes – there’s probably a lot you want to buy, but as a young adult, it can be hard to afford it all. An allowance or even a part-time job might not be enough to help you pay for all of your wants. Here are some extra income ideas that go beyond the typical fast food or babysitting job:

  • Walk dogs- You can make quick, good money by walking dogs for busy pet owners. Plus, you can get outside, and enjoy the summer!

  • Organize homes or garages- If you like to have a clean and organized room, you might be able to offer your organization services to people who don’t have the time or means to sort their clutter themselves.
  • Sell your arts and crafts- Turn your hobby into a lucrative side gig by selling your creations! Try websites like Etsy or eBay, or see if your parents are willing to take your products to their workplace to sell.
  • Lifeguard- You’ll need to get a lifeguard certification, but if you’re a great swimmer and love spending time by the water, this might be the job for you!
  • Umpire or referee youth sports – If you’re a sports fan, you can make great money doing this.
  • Tutor children- You can cash in on your good grades by helping out younger students! 

As money starts coming in, don’t forget what you’re saving for! Save for your next purchase with your DCU Primary Savings Account. For more info on savings accounts, visit


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