Tips for Making Safe Online Credit Card Purchases

by DCU |

Anti-virus software – If you're running outdated anti-virus software, you're leaving yourself open to possible attacks and security breaches. Make sure you have software that you trust installed, and be sure to keep it updated. 

Look for the "S" – Make sure the website address starts with "https" rather than just "http". The extra "s" indicates that the site uses an encryption system to scramble your information. It doesn't necessarily guarantee the transaction will be 100% safe, but it does give you another layer of protection. 

Don't shop in public – If you think that just because you are using your own personal laptop or tablet in a public place, you're safe from hackers, you're wrong! Many hackers can grab your information using the public WiFi. It's a good idea to only make online purchases from your own computer, and with a private WiFi connection. 

Know the website before purchasing – Since nearly every business offers online shopping, it's important to do some research to make sure that a site you plan to purchase from is trustworthy. Read reviews, talk to friends to see if they've purchased from the site before. If everything checks out, but you're still hesitant, try to find the product you're looking at on a different site that you already trust. 

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  • I have heard it is good advice not to let your credit card out of site. such as give it to a waiter at your table and let them walk away with it to process payment? What is the advice in this regard?

    CMP posted on
    • I have heard about crooks taking imprints or processing credit card payments later. That you ideally should want the waiter to take a payment a the table using a mobile payment solution, or you simply pay at the main register?

      CMP posted on

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